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5, up to 10, or up to 20 devices. Think about it, how many devices do you have connected to the internet?
Computers, Tablets, TV's, Phones, Games, Security Cams, Speakers, Doorbells? Count 'em up. Pick the plan.
It doesn’t matter the number of devices we got you covered.

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From smartphone to electronics we got you covered

Smart Devices

5devices No question. The best protection.

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From 1 up to 20 devices at an affordable price


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5 Devices Plan

Protect your mobile devices,
computers, connected TV's and more
with the industry best protection plan



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If you order now



per device
  • 5 devices for the price of one
    (as low as $2.67/mo. per device)
  • Covers phones, computers, tablets and more
  • 24/7 service
  • Low Deductible
2 months free

10 Devices Plan

US Households average over 10
connected devices and this plan will
take care of them all



Regular Price


If you order now



per device
  • 10 devices protection that beats the competition
  • Covers phones, computers, tablets and more
  • 24/7 service
  • Low Deductible
Our best value

20 Devices Plan

Protect up to 20 devices including your
mobile devices, computers, Smart TV's,
speakers, gaming consoles and more.



Regular Price


If you order now



per device
  • Our best value - covers 20 devices at an industry leading price
  • Covers phones, computers, tablets and more
  • 24/7 service
  • Low Deductible

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And we take it seriously

customer service

online claims

Free shipping
for all repairs

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Devices Protected 5devices Plan Apple Care
Protect 1 Phone Up to 5 phones
Protect Laptops, Tablets and Smart Watches
Protect TVs, speakers and gaming consoles 
Protect Smart Devices
Protect Audio equipment
Protect Security Cameras
Protect Printers, Wifi Repeaters and much more
Claims per year Unlimited 2

Protection made simple

5devices gets you covered with a fast and easy process

  • Quick registration

    Receive an email within 24hr of signing up.

  • Register your devices

    Complete the simple details requested in the email.

  • You're covered

    Enjoy the peace of mind, your internet-connected devices are protected.

Why you need to protect
your devices

You would be surprised!

According to a 2020 survey, the average American had access to more than ten connected devices in their household. People had access to more than two computers on average and more than two mobile phones in the evaluated period.
7 million cell phones are dropped in the toilet every year. We hear sticking the affected phone in dry rice works, but sticking it in the oven doesn’t.
According to a recent poll, the average American drops their phone on the ground four times every week, and over a third of Americans say they actually drop it even more than that.

Testimonies from happy

5devices no question, the best protection

Awesome experience!

Robert R
2021 iMac

Great service, extremely fast and efficient.

Lisa H
Samsung S21

When my phone got damaged they went the extra mile to solve my issue.

Alfredo M
Apple Watch

Excellent support, got my issue resolved in no time! Thanks!

Lori K
Apple iPhone 11

The service is quite good and the customer service is exceptional. Really friendly customer service agents.

Sara R.
Roam Portable Speaker

Frequently asked questions

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Our easy claim process is simple, just call toll-free 844-ANY-FIVE (844-269-3483) and a 5devices representative will help.

Unfortunately, no provider is able protect a lost phone.

Absolutely, please follow the claim process by calling 844-ANY-FIVE (844-269-3483) and a 5devices representative will help you

You can upgrade your service at anytime. The new plan will activate on the 31st day after initiation.

The deductible is the amount paid by the policy holder before an insurance provider will pay any expenses.

We protect any IoT (Internet of Things) device, including electronics like: Smartphones, laptops, tablets, Smart TVs, monitors, desktop computers, smartwatches, routers.
We also protect gaming consoles, controllers, bluetooth speakers, smart doorbells, home security cameras, audio equipments, printers, scanners, etc

All of our plans protect you from: cracked screens, spills, accidental damage, malfunctions from accidental damage or drops, mechanical, electrical components failures and much more.